Editorial services

Editing, adjustment and text correction

You have already written your work, but you are still not happy with the final result? To make matters worse, you do not know yourself what could be improved? Consult us and receive factual support! We will help you to organize unsightly looking paragraphs in removing unnecessary repetitions or stylistic, grammatical, spelling and substantive errors.

In the area of ​​our editorial services, we manage the quality of the text by proofreading and implementing the following editorial requirements:

– Times New Roman font

– font size – 12

– line spacing (line spacing) – 1.5 lines

– standard margins

– footnotes (possibly endnotes)

– we create footnotes for books, scientific papers, magazines, websites (we avoid using www)

– page number in the footer in the bottom right corner

– each subsequent chapter begins with a new page

– we make the titles of chapters in larger, bold type (16)

– titles of chapters centered

– the title of subsections aligned to the left

– justified text

– mark quotes in italics

– we divide the bibliography into: literature on the subject, scientific articles, legal acts, internet sources

– we create a list of attachments, tables, drawings, charts

– descriptions for attachments, tables, figures, diagrams we create in font size 10

– we avoid repetitions, colloquialisms, stylistic, substantive and spelling mistakes

– we control widows, orphans, bastards

– no spaces between paragraphs

– improvement of language errors

– organizing content in terms of the logical occurrence of their components

– filling gaps in content

– unification of the text in terms of non-substantial distinctions

Editorial services and customer requirements

First, we adapt to the guidelines provided to us by the client. Each university is different and requires something different, so it is understandable for us that some patterns of work need to be developed in larger fonts or it is necessary to use a 1.0 point spacing. We will do everything to make you fully satisfied with the cooperation with our professional company. While working on the text, we have in mind that it will be printed in the future, which is why we undertake specific actions aimed at professional preparation of the text for printing.

Editorial services – permanent cooperation

We encourage permanent cooperation of people regularly publishing their texts on the Internet and in publishing houses. We help future book authors in their prior preparation for publication. If you want to be sure that the text sent to the publication will be positively received, write to us. Grammatical, spelling, stylistic and technical errors from the site disqualify your text in the editor’s eyes. It is much better to invest in professional editorial services, thanks to which the quality of your work will be visible at a glance. Write to us today! We will help you expressively, paying attention to your needs. Write, call! We are willing to cooperate on a permanent basis and once.