Editing of notes and exam issues

Preparing notes

More than one student grabs his head when he comes to write at lectures. The compilation of notes is comprehensive, especially for students who have never had to bend the pen so fiercely. Already you think that you have saved everything, and when you compare your notes with friends, it turns out that you have a gap. Errors and misgivings will also happen. Such trifles can be decisive at the exam. You certainly do not want to earn a condition from an over-zealous professor.

What can we offer you in this matter?

Tons of notes to work out? Leave it to us!

The scope of our services includes:

– creating ordered notes on the basis of manuscripts sent

– copying texts to a computer (we send files in pdf format or print and send by post)

– summarizing the literature of the subject indicated by the lecturer to work on issues

– completing notes about missing content

Preparing exam topics

Why order your notes at all? It may be that you think aesthetically, but you have to remember that the notes are a base that you can use to learn for the exam or the colloquium. Many different types of notes have already passed through our hands. The most common mistakes we encountered during the development of exam issues from notes were:

– incorrect surnames of the authors

– incomplete titles

– material errors in the definitions

– factual errors

– gaps and text gaps to be completed

– imprecisely described phenomena

Do you want to be sure that you are learning selected and carefully elaborated issues? Write what help you expect from us and we will take care of your order immediately. Contact us through the Valuation Form available in the Contact tab. Remember to leave your email address or phone number to which we will contact you.